Custom Hobby Belts

Hand Painted Custom Painting is available, including HOBBY BELTS with choice of images. Simply email the shop with 8 to 10 images of your choice and a finished belt size.

Belt Measuring and Stitching Instructions

  1. Determine finished belt size by measuring a currently-worn belt, from the tip of the buckle prong to the hole that is worn most. 
  2. Stitch 5" less than the finished size, making sure your design allows 1" of background stitching on either side for leathering.
  3. Finishing stitch (preferable) or 2 extra rows of stitching, top and bottom, must be done to complete the stitching of the belt.
Example: for a 38" finished belt, you would have 33" of stitching, with length of design 31"

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